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Monday, January 5, 2009

Bad vision rumor is true.

Yep I am in need of glasses so...... You guessed it. Next time you see me I'll probably have four eyes instead of two. Also guess what? I'M EXCITED!


lindsay said...

Yay!!! Glasses!!! I envy you!!! Actually, I don't envy you, but yeah.
Post a pic when you get them? Please? :)
Verification word: drumbust

Emma Pait said...

I'll be sure to post a pic. Lol. Crazy Verification word!

tori wiginton said...

awesome Emma. that's so cool that you're getting glasses. see ya later girl.

Emma Pait said...

I know I am Sooooo excited! I should be getting them any day now. I just have to wait till the lady at the place calls us. Well I'll be sure to comment about it when I get them.

Emma Pait said...

(and post a pic Lid:)