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Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 12-18 Weekly Chapter

Here is your weekly chapter for April 12-18. Chapter #2 from In The Beginning-

Chapter #2- Freedom!

I don’t know how long I lay there, unconscious of the world around me. But when I woke up, I found myself on a grassy hillside overlooking my town. I sat up trying to remember what had happened the night before, when I heard a voice behind me saying, “Cheer up son.” I whirled around and who was standing there but my father! “Father!” I exclaimed. “It is so nice to see you, but where is mother?” “She is over there,” my father explained. I turned and ran into the outstretched arms of my mother. “Mother!” I gasped. “What happ…” “Shhh, I will tell you later at the dinner table. She gave me a warm hug. “Meanwhile, you go get your father, and we’ll start on our way home.” Before long, we were sitting at the table in the warmly lighted dining room enjoying mashed potatoes, crispy chicken, and chocolate ice cream. While we were eating our ice cream, I asked my mother what had happened the night before. This is what she said, “Well, Albert, at 11 o’clock last night some rough looking men burst into the house.” “Your father and I were sitting on the couch together when those men came in. The men grabbed us, tied us, gagged us, and shoved us out the door. They pushed us through the town and into an old weathered building, and one of the men forced me to give him the keys to our house.” “ Hey!” I yelled excitedly. “One of those men pushed me into the same building!” “Yes, I know Dear, we saw you, but would you please not interrupt.” “Yes Ma” I said in a rather bashful voice. “Well, anyway we sat in the building for at least an hour, puzzling over why any- one would want to lock us up in a building by our selves. That is when we realized that we where not alone! There, all around us was almost every one in town! They were all tied up and gagged, just like we were! Then your father and I were even more puzzled. Suddenly we heard the door slam open and you came stumbling in. I tried to run to you but one of the men was behind me, grabbed me by the back, and yanked me into my seat. Helplessly, Your father and I watched you fall to the floor. One of the rough looking men dragged you over to a bench and left you there.” My mother stopped to take a bite of her ice cream, and then began again. “Well, three days passed and there was no sign of the men, except when they came to give us our daily bread and water. You were still unconscious, and I began to worry that you might not have enough food. It was on the third day that your father and I heard a great commotion outside of the building. It sounded like men shouting. We strained our ears to hear what was going on, but we could not hear any thing that the men were saying. Finally the noises stopped, and some policemen came in. Without saying a word, the policemen untied us, took off our gags, and then stood in the middle of the room and prepared to speak. I stretched and sat down comfortably. The leader of the policemen began to talk. ‘Friends,’ he said. ‘I know that all of you want to know the reason why you are being kept here. Well, some robbers escaped from a prison in this area. They thought that there was a gold mine underneath this village, and they did not want anyone else to find it first, but the supposed gold mine turned out to be a coalmine and is utterly worthless. We caught the robbers as they came out of the cavern, and now they are being held in the village prison. So now you may all return to your homes.’ Then they carried you, Albert, to the top of the hill to where we had run until the street had stopped being so crowded, and that is when you woke up.” “Well Mother, now that I have heard the story, I will go get a good night’s sleep.” So I excused myself from the table and crawled exhausted into my bed.

Come back next week for chapter #3!


lindsay said...

*gasp* They don't enjoy their veggies!


Emma Pait said...

Sorry. I guess i should have put a few veggies in there. Shame on me. Any way veggies or not did you like it?