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Monday, May 11, 2009

May 10-16 Weekly Chapter

Here is chapter #6 from In The Beginning-

Chapter#6- It’s a Girl!
Sara and I have been married for two years now, and every day we have learned to love each other more and more. One day as I sat in my easy chair in the spotless living room, my wife, who had been sitting on the oak rocking chair suddenly made a strange sound, a sort of a groan. I glanced up at her and froze with terror. She was as white as a sheet! I rushed over to her and asked, “Honey! Honey, are you all right?” “No I feel terrible.” she said “I will call the doctor,” I said and rushed out of the room. I was soon sitting in the comfortable waiting room, waiting for a report on my wife’s discomfort. An hour ticked by, and still my wife did not emerge from behind the white door of the doctor’s office. After what seemed like years, my wife finally showed her face, but it was shining like a candle in the evening. I eyed her suspiciously and questioned, “Well, what did he say?” “Dear, we are going to have to buy a cradle.” she said and seemed even happier. “You…you mean” I stammered, “that we are going to have a baby!” “Yes dear,” she said. “We are having a baby!” I yelled. I jumped around the room hooting like a coyote. I even caused an old lady to drop her open tube of lipstick on the floor as I jumped on the chair beside her. My face turned beat red, and I apologetically picked up the tube of pink lipstick and handed it to the startled lady. My wife and I quickly spread the news to all our relatives. We all waited joyfully for the day when Jasmine (for that is what we planed to name her) would become part of our family. Then one summer day it happened. My wife was taken by medical carriage to the hospital and put under the care of the head nurse. I paced up and down the waiting room, glancing every once and a while at the clock on the wall. That day passed but I would not leave the hospital. So, I slept on the couch in the waiting room. Sometimes I would tiptoe to the door and listen for any cries of a baby or any sound besides the groaning of my wife in pain. But usually there was no sound besides that, so I would sigh and walk back to the waiting room to go back to sleep. One particular time that I tried my luck, I caught this word, “push!” My heart jumped and I ran back to the waiting room. Soon, a nurse that was carrying a small bundle came out of the room and said to me, “You have new daughter!” and handed me the little parcel. I folded back one side, and a small red face with big hazel eyes, peeped out at me. Little wisps of honey blond hair sat on top of her soft little head. I was overwhelmed with all manner of emotions. Finally I smiled and said in a slightly husky voice, “She is beautiful.” The nurse smiled and gently lifted the tiny creature from my arms. Slowly but happily I retreated to the waiting room.

Come back next week for chapter #7!

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