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Monday, June 15, 2009

June 14-20 Weekly Chapter

Here is Chapter #3 from The Father, The Girl, and The Lost Cat-

Chapter #3:Madame Hickory

Jasmine sank to the floor and cried herself to sleep. When she woke up, she slowly got to her feet and began to straiten up the house. When she had finished cleaning up, she decided to go for a walk to help her forget her troubles. So she carefully picked up Diana and went out the door. As she walked, a black carriage thundered up the path right towards her! She jumped out of the way just in time and the carriage thundered past. Then suddenly the carriage came to a halt and a kind looking, well-dressed lady stepped out of the carriage, lines of concern showed on her forehead. She hastily walked over to Jasmine and asked in an anxious tone, ”Are you ok little girl?” Jasmine was too stunned to answer. All she could say was,” My cat…is my cat ok?” “Yes,” said the lady. “Your cat is fine; in fact she is over there in my carriage right now.” Jasmine breathed a sigh of relief. She tried to speak but no words came out. Then suddenly every thing went black.

Come back next week for chapter #4!

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