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Monday, June 22, 2009

June 21-27 Weekly chapter

Here is chapter #4 from The Father, The Girl, and The Lost Cat-

Chapter#4: Life with Madame Hickory
When Jasmine woke up she found herself in a room with a soft bed and yellow walls. She tried to sit up, but when she did, a sharp pain shot through her back and she dropped once more into the soft mattress. She lay there for quite a long time until finally the door of the room opened and the well-dressed lady that Jasmine had seen the night before, came into the room. “Good morning little girl,” she said. “Are you well enough to talk?” “Yes,” Jasmine replied, “but my back…” “I know, you took a nasty fall when you jumped out of the way of my carriage,” said the lady. “I am so sorry about that. But you see, my driver didn’t see you. However, I did and I finally stopped him.” “That’s ok. So what is your name?” asked Jasmine. “My name is Madame Hickory,” the lady said. “That is a nice name,” replied Jasmine. “My name is Jasmine.” “Well Jasmine, would you like some breakfast? asked Madame Hickory. “Yes please,” said Jasmine. “Ok, I will be right back,” and with that, Madame Hickory left the room to prepare Jasmine’s breakfast. Soon she returned with a tray that held two steaming omelets, a piece of buttered toast, and a tall glass of milk. Jasmine ate every last bit of food that was on the tray and then said, “Thank you very much, Madame Hickory. That was very good food.” “I am glad you liked it dear. Now you must get some rest.” “Ok, Madame Hickory, I will,” Jasmine said. So Madame Hickory pulled the covers up over Jasmine, closed the drapes, turned out the light and went out the door. Day after day went on like this until one day when Jasmine was well enough to sit up, something terrible happened.

Come back next week for chapter #5!

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