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Monday, August 24, 2009

August 23-29 weekly chapter

Here is chapter #6 from Alexis, Cocoa, and the Sweet and Sour World-

Chapter#6 Vanished!

I felt around deeper in my pocket but the key was nowhere to be found. Then it hit me! The lake! It was called the lake of spells! Maybe a spell had been cast on the key, which caused it to vanish. I had to find one of the Doodles and fast! I raced back towards the Doodle village with Cocoa hot at my heels. When I neared the village, I looked frantically around for a Doodle. I saw one standing over by a mint bush and ran towards him.

I grabbed him by the shoulders and said breathlessly, ‘Please take me to the leader of the Doodles now!’

The startled Doodle took me by the hand (for which he had to reach up to grab) and led me hurriedly to the town square. The leader was there and I poured out my story to him. He stared at me for a while.

Just when I thought I was about to burst with impatience, he said in a rather sad sounding tone, ‘I am sorry Alexis, we are not allowed to tell the secret of the lake to you, because our ancestors were captured by the Gumbles and were forbidden to tell the secret.’

‘What are Gumbles?’ I inquired.

‘Gumbles are monsters that live in the marshmallow mountains’ he replied.

‘Well, how am I supposed to get back to my home if I don’t have the key?’ I asked, half yelling.

‘You can’t,’ he said and looked even sadder.

I sat down in despair and buried my head in my hands.

But the Doodle leader kept on talking. ‘But we like you, Alexis, and we are willing to tell you the secret.’

‘You will?’ I asked and looked down at him hopefully.

‘Of course!’ he said and a big smile replaced his frown.

‘Great!’ I said and jumped up and down. ‘Well how do I get the key?’ I asked.

Then his smile fell and he said, ‘Well, Alexis, if you really want to get home you have to go up somewhere in the marshmallow mountains and find the key. It is somewhere up there.’

‘But that is where the Gumbles are!’ I yelled at him.

‘Well, there is a wizard named Gabriel and he could help you. He lives on the side of the mountains.’

I mumbled a ‘thank you’ and hurried off. Cocoa barked and followed me as I ran toward the mountains.

Come back next week for chapter #7!

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