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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 13-19 weekly chapter

Here is the last chapter of Alexis, Cocoa, and the Sweet and Sour World! The next book will be The 5D Mystery! (Written by me)

Chapter#9 Home at last!

We all searched for days and days but we could not find the key! One day we sat down on the ground for lunch and I jumped up squealing in pain! I had sat down on something sharp! I saw a faint gleam of metal and reached down to pick it up. It was the key! I shouted to the rest of the party and cried, ‘I’ve found the key!’
Of course they all came running, and every arm was reached out to finger it.

Soon I was standing at the entrance to the Land of Sweet and Sour with the key in my grasp and looking at the sorrowful faces of the Doodles, along with that of the wizard and a few of the Gumbles. They begged me not to go but I was eager to be home, so I bid them a sad farewell and turned to the door. I fitted the key into the keyhole and turned. It swung open to reveal my room. I picked up Cocoa and stepped inside. I caught one more glimpse of the Doodles as the door shut. Unfortunately I had left the key on the wrong side of the door so I will never be able to get into the Land Of Sweet And Sour again.”
“Wow! That’s a really cool adventure Alexis!” Now reader, what would you do if you were in The Land of Sweet and Sour?”

Come back next week for the first chapter of The 5D Mystery!

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