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Sunday, September 20, 2009

September 20-26 weekly chapter

Here is the first chapter of The 5D Mystery!-

Chapter #1- Ruined!
One sunny day two friends by the names of Emma Pait and Karis Cruver were walking together towards their school. When they neared the building, a boy with a very frightened expression on his face came running at full speed towards them! Emma reached her hand out and grabbed the boy by the shoulder to stop him.
"What is this all about!" she demanded.
"Run! Run! The school is being invaded by aliens! If you don't believe me, go see for yourselves!" And with that, he pulled away and sped down the street.
Emma looked at Karis and Karis looked at Emma. Suddenly they both had the same idea.
Soon they were inside their classroom staring in horror at the sight around them. Their classroom was ruined! There were pieces of glass and debris piled two feet high all over the floor! There was no sign of their teacher, Mr. Muller, anywhere!
"Well, let's not stand here gaping. Let's do something about it!" said Emma as she began to pick up a few of the pieces that lay around them.
"I...I don't know," Karis hesitated, "It might not be safe around here. I mean with what that boy told us and all."
"Oh don't let what that boy said scare you. There aren't any aliens around here. What we've got to figure out, is what happened to our classroom and where Mr. Muller is."
"I guess you're right." Karis said and bent down to pick up a shard of glass.
They had been working quietly for some time when Emma jumped up excitedly and said, "Karis! Look!" and she held up a piece of paper.
"O joy, so you've found a paper." said Karis with an exasperated look.
"Yes, but this is an extra-ordinary paper," Emma said and hurried over to show it to her friend. This is what it said,
"UFO landing scheduled at 4:00 am. Zonk, Zink, and Zerry- take right wing. Ziz, Zop, and Zim, take left wing. Prisoners in south-west corner."
"Well, what does it mean?" asked Karis.
"I'm clueless," said Emma with a shrug, "But I bet we could figure it out."
So they both set about trying to, when something green rose up out of the debris!

Come back next week for chapter #2!

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