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Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Personal Narrative

Here is the Personal Narrative that I did for a grade at school! I got an A+ on it!

My Trip to the Creation Museum

Do you want a totally awesome museum to go to? Then I have the ideal one for you, the Creation Museum! I actually got to go there this summer! We decided to drive there, and it took six hours! We finally arrived, but it was late. We spent the night at a nearby hotel. The next day, we piled into our orange Honda Fit and hit the road again.
We got there at about 9:40 in the morning. The museum was not open yet because it opened at 10:00. We viewed the museum’s gardens during the wait. In the gardens, there were beautiful flowers, breath taking waterfalls, and a sizable lake with real lily pads! Suddenly, as we were walking across one of the many bridges in the gardens and looking out at the scenic view, my brother Jonathan said, “Look at that huge Loch Ness Monster!” Sure enough, there was a Loch Ness Monster right there in the lake! It was not real of course, but it looked real!
Soon 10:00 came, and the Creation Museum opened! Eagerly my family and I entered through the big double doors and into a world that every young scientist could only dream about! At the front desk, we handed over our tickets. The lady gave my two brothers and me scavenger hunt packets. They told us items to look for as we toured the Museum. When we sighted one, we could put a check mark next to it. Armed with our packets we approached and entered the doors leading to the main body of the Museum. The sight we saw next nearly took our breath away! “Look how high the ceiling is!” my brother Josiah exclaimed.
The room we had just entered was designed exactly like the Garden of Eden! There were even two mechanical dummies dressed up like Adam and Eve! “Wow!” exclaimed Jonathan, “They moved their heads and looked right at me!” There were also mechanical dinosaurs that moved their tails back and forth and opened and shut their mouths!
Then it was time to explore! There were many places to go in the Museum. For example, there was the Dinosaur Den, the Deer Creek Canyon, many movie theatres, a hands-on animal demonstration where they showed us a real live porcupine, a gift shop, a petting zoo, a planetarium, and much more! We spent the whole day exploring, and I never got bored!
For lunch, we went to the Noah’s Ark CafĂ© there. The food was delicious! I had an Asian grilled chicken wrap. After lunch, we went to the planetarium. We sat in seats that leaned back. There was a huge dome above us on which we saw the presentation. God made our universe so enormous and wonderful! After the planetarium, we got a few things at the gift shop, took a final look around, and headed back to the interstate. It had been an unforgettable vacation!

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