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Saturday, May 15, 2010

2 miles in 82 degree weather?!?!

Yep that's correct I ran 2 miles this morning in 82 degree weather! You can imagine how sweaty I was after that! But it was a good work out, except that I felt like I would barf. Don't worry I didn't. :-) Well so far my summer is going well! I played in the pool with my brothers yesterday, and we had a lot of fun! I'm looking forward to many more leisurely days. I'll post back later with pics of my summer fun! Bye!


Melinda and Stephanie said...

Wow! You Are amazing! Guess What? Our fam' went to disney world and stayed and walked for about I think 15 hours! of course, we got to sit down during the rides. One time daddy had gotten fast passes for Thunder Mountain and then a thunder storm broke out! they said that you had to wait 30minutes after the last lightnigstrike! gotta go tell the rest later!-millie

Melinda and Stephanie said...

there was no air surculation and it as deathly hot so we got out and lost our fastpasses. cant wait to se you this summer!