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Thursday, June 24, 2010

6 hours at the pool?!?!

I spent 6 hours at the community pool with 3 of my cousins and my 2 brothers. We had a B-L-A-S-T! Everyone got sunburned though, even after putting sun screen on 3 times! And then after we got back from the pool, I had to go and do Aerobics for 30 minutes! I am pooped out! Anyway, tomorrow I am going to an activity with my church youth group! It will be soooooo fun! We are going to split up into groups of 4 or 5, and we will each have a list of some people from our church that we need to find down town. We will also have pictures of the people. They will be disguised and will not look like themselves. The first team to find all of the people wins, and they get free ice cream at Marble Slab! So if you happen to be in down town Greenville tomorrow night, and you get asked if your name is someone that you have never heard of before, you'll know who's asking you!


Katie aka Popular Joker said...

How fun!

Anonymous said...

That is just crazy, Emma!!! Which cousins were you with? Were you with Tori? KK

Emma Pait said...

Actually the activity was canceled due to the rain. :-( But me and my mom went down-town and did a ton o awesome stuff! I went to my cousin Samantha's community pool with my cousin Haddon from the other side of the family.

Melinda and Stephanie said...

Whoa! I bet I would be too! Too bad I can't be in Down town Greenville!