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Monday, January 19, 2009


We had snow! Well just a few flurries but still it was snow. But here is the exciting part, we are *supposed* to get almost an inch of snow in G-ville tonight and I really hope we do! If we do I'll post some pics. Until then, TTFN tata for now! I'm back. We didn't get any snow. Boohoo! oh well.


S.Cruver said...

Hi! It's me, Karis! I like ur blog!

S.Cruver said...

I'm going 2 make a blog 2! I havn't decided the name yet. I think it will be: www.karis/scribbles.com or somthing like that GTG

Emma Pait said...

Cool! Well when you do I REALLY want to see it! I've finished my ....uh.... oh yeah, 3d book and I will get you a copy. And as the author says, "For more information go to emma@pait.org" (that's my email address) lol! (laugh out loud) well I got to run! Chow!