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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

11th Birthday results!-

Hi folks! Here are a few pics of the things that I got for my birthday! Since I'm not the best photographer in the world and you can't recognize what some of the things are, you can ask me in a comment. Well I'll quit stalling now. Here are the pictures-


lindsay said...

Let us see...
I spy:
1)The door sign (of course :)
3)A very PINK outfit
4)A kitty card
5)A green lady
6)I'm guessing the red and yellow thing's a gift card.
7)2 Elsie Dinsmore books.
8)3 other books that I either don't have, or the covers have changed
9)Some sort of RC hormiga

Okay! Now for the clarifications?

Emma Pait said...

1 is correct 2 is correct 3 is correct 4 is correct 5.... well it is the age 11 girl in the porcelain girl doll series, 6 is correct (gift card for build-a-bear workshop), 7 is wrong it's Millie. 9 is wrong (it's a robo pet, you know a robotic dog) Thanks for check'in!

lindsay said...

Oh. *sniff* It looked like Elsie...
Cool. I have never read the Millies. Millicent Keith or something like that, right? Elsie's cousin?
Or I may be drastically wrong.
Never hurts to try. :)
Ok. A dog...it really looks like an insect. What's its name?

Emma Pait said...

Well it's basically the same thing as Elsie accept it is Millie. The Dog's name is Pinkerton. U use the remote to make it do tricks, like roll over, hand shake, play dead, sit and etc. And it *Uh hem* Uses the bathroom too. :-o I know. That was VERY unnecessary. But I just COULDN'T resist. Oh! *gasp* I forgot to tell you, If you put it on guard mode (using the remote) It sits down and when it detects movement in front of it, it stands up and howls. Cool huh? Well GTG. See ya!

lindsay said...

Wow. It's got skills.