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Monday, May 25, 2009

May 24-30 weekly chapter

Here is the Last chapter of In The Beginning! The next book will be The Father, the Girl, and The Lost Cat.

Chapter#8- Diana Comes
One night I was getting my daughter ready for bed,
so I said, “Jasmine, time for bed.” “Ok papa I get ready, then you read story?” “Yes darling, after you are ready.” “Ok I get ready fast papa, cause I big girl and I can get ready fast, right papa?” “Yes, you are a big girl I am sure.” With a pleased look Jasmine slid off the chair and busied her self with getting ready for bed. Soon, she was done and came running to me and jumped onto my lap to hear her favorite story, “The Tale of Red Riding Hood.” I was just finishing the story, when there came a soft whining sound outside the front door. I told Jasmine to go see who or what it was. She scrambled off of my lap and opened the door. Right outside the door, two little lights shone close together. They moved closer and revealed a little gray kitten. It was sopping wet. For it was raining outside. Jasmine squealed with delight and came running back to me crying, “Daddy! Daddy! It’s a kitten… a tiny little gray kitten!” I jumped up from the chair and rushed over to my daughter. Sure enough, there was a small gray kitten staring at us, hopeful of getting some food. Its sides showed the marks of its ribcage. “Daddy,” my daughter cried, “Daddy can we keep it? Please Daddy?” “Of course you may dear.” So I gently picked the poor thing up and brought it into the warmth of the house. I dried it off and gave it a bowl of warm milk. After drinking up every last drop of her milk the little kitten washed its paws and settled down in an exhausted heap by the fire. My daughter announced after gazing at the kitten for a while, “I name her Diana but what does ‘Diana’ mean, Daddy?” “I think it means ‘divine,” I said. “Oh, that is perfect ‘cause I think this is a very divine little kitten!” With a satisfied look, my daughter climbed back up on my knee to hear the end of the story.

The End

Come Back next week for Chapter #1 of The Father, the Girl, and The Lost Cat!


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