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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

May 31- June 6 Weekly Chapter

Here is chapter #1 from The Father, The Girl, and The Lost Cat-

Chapter #1: Jasmine, Albert and Diana
Once upon a time there was a girl named Jasmine. She lived with her father and her cat in a hut on the edge of a rainforest that was just off the tropic of Capricorn. She was tall for her eleven years, and had honey blond hair that fell down to her waist. She had dancing hazel eyes and freckles that spread out over her cheeks. On the other hand, her father named Albert, had coal back hair and dark thoughtful eyes. He rarely spoke. But when he did speak, his words were always wise and kind. Jasmine’s cat, whose name was Diana, had soot gray fur with brown patches here and there on her silky coat. Every day as soon as the sun rose above the horizon, Jasmine was hurrying around the cottage putting things in order. Her father was up soon after her, getting dressed and frying them eggs for breakfast. Diana would open one eye slowly and then the other eye. Then she would stretch her arms out and yawn lazily.

Come back next week for chapter #2!

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