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Friday, May 8, 2009

May 3-9 Weekly Chapter

Here is chapter #5 from In The Beginning-

Chapter #5- Bong! Bong!

It was December 16, and Sara and I were getting ready to be married. It was a joyful day for all of us. All the women in town got together to decorate the church with all manner of lace drapes and streamers. I was in my room trying on suit after suit until I found the perfect fit. It was a black leather suit that came with a black top hat to match. After I put the suit on, I went down to the garden and picked a fresh posy. I stuck it into my breast pocket and surveyed my self in the mirror on the wall. I was very much pleased with my reflection and hurried down the stairs to see what my parents were wearing for the occasion. My mother was wearing a blue velvet dress that perfectly matched her eyes. Her golden curls were tucked smartly in a delicate bun that sat on top of her head and bobbed up and down whenever she walked. My father was wearing a gray tailored suit and polished leather boots. They both looked very becoming. Well, soon the moment had come to go to the church. My stomach felt as if it had a herd of camels jumping around in it. I took in a deep breath and looked out the window of the coach. Grassy farmlands rolled by my eyes. Their dewy sight refreshed me and made me less nervous. Soon the stately but small church came into view. Then I became nervous all over again, and the camels started their jumping as before. I tried not to show that I was nervous, so I walked bravely into the church. On the way to the auditorium, I caught sight of my bride. She was in the dressing room, and several maids were helping her with her veil. She looked lovely! Her dress was made of the finest pure white silk and fell in ripples around her feet. Her veil was made of the same material and trailed on the floor behind her. I beamed with pride at the thought of marrying this lovely creature! I stood gazing at her in silence when she caught sight of me. She smiled radiantly and then turned back to her maids. I sighed with longing. I wished that I could run in and pick her up, whirl her around, and then set her back on her feet with a loving look. But I knew that I could not, because it was not proper for the bride and bridegroom to touch each other until the wedding was at an end. So I reluctantly turned my back and headed to the auditorium. When all of the people were seated, the preacher started the service. Soon the end of the wedding had come, the preacher tied the knot, and with radiant faces, my bride and I retired to the reception room. The room soon filled with happy adults, eager to wish us well, and happy little children, eager to pile their plates with goodies from the lace covered table. At the end of the reception, hand in hand, my wife and I, while dodging handfuls of rice, made our way to the carriage that was prepared for us. As we rode away, I waved joyfully to a crying mother and a beaming father. Then I settled down for the long ride to our new home.

Come Back next week for chapter #6!

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