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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 26- May 2 Weekly Chapter

Here is your weekly chapter, chapter #4 from In the Beginning-

Chapter #4- The first time we met
One bright Sunday a few years later I became 20 years old. That morning, Mother made me my favorite breakfast and let me open my first present. They had gotten me a shiny new black leather wallet. I beamed with delight. It was jolly fun, and I was sad when the fun was over, but it was Sunday, and I had to get ready for church. So I climbed the stairs to my room and slipped on a pair of tan colored pants. Then I put on a brown jacket to match. I quickly put on my socks and shoes and hurried down the stairs after my parents. On the way to church, I hummed to myself and watched the rumps of the horses move up and down in front of the carriage. Soon we pulled up in front of the small church building. I walked up the front steps and through the low front doorway. Many people congratulated me on account of my birthday as I passed down the isle. Soon I was seated on one of the smoothly carved pews, listening carefully to the preacher’s message. But then, something,
or someone caught my attention. It was a girl with short brown hair, hazel eyes, and rosy cheeks. She was looking at me. I glanced at her and then turned back to my own affairs. When she noticed that I saw her, she blushed and looked away. I poked my mother and asked “Mother who is that?” and I nodded in the direction of the girl. My mother whispered, “That is Sara Canty. Her family moved here so that her father could work in the coal mine. She is about your age.” “Oh,” I said, and turned my head back to the preacher, but I was determined to find out more about this Sara Canty. As soon as the service was over, I followed Sara’s family out of the church. I mustered up enough courage and bravely tapped her on the shoulder. She whirled around and stood looking me over critically. I made a slight bow and managed to say, “Good morning miss.” “Good morning, and who might you be?” she replied. “My name is Albert Newman. You are looking very nice today if I may say so.” “Of course you may. My name is Sara Canty.” “Well, Sara, why don’t we go sit on that bench to talk.” “Thank you, Albert that is very kind of you.” I led her to the bench, where we sat down. We talked for a long time, she bid me a happy birthday, and I found out that she was twenty, just like me! I also found out that she loved cats. So did I! Soon we became fast friends.

Come Back next week for chapter #5!

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