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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 28- July 4 Weekly Chapter

Here is chapter #5 from The Father, The Girl, and The Lost Cat-

Chapter #5: Where is Diana!
Jasmine was sitting up in bed eating her breakfast, when she noticed that Diana was not in her basket. “Hmm, that’s funny,” Jasmine thought. “Diana never goes anywhere without me in sight.” “Well, she will probably come back when she smells Madame Hickory’s tuna fish,” Jasmine said to herself. But days went by and Diana did not return. By this time Jasmine was completely better and was able to look for Diana by herself. But Diana just could not be found. Finally Jasmine gave up all hope of finding her. Madame Hickory tried to comfort her but she could not be comforted. She sat in her room for hours without eating until one day, a letter arrived at Madame Hickory’s house.

Come back next week for chapter #6!

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