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Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 5-11 weekly chapter

Here is chapter #6 from The Father, The Girl, and The Lost Cat

Chapter#6: Dad!

With hands trembling with excitement and fear, Jasmine opened the letter. It read…
Dear Jasmine,
I have heard that you are staying with my old friend Madame Hickory. I hope that she has been good to you. I have good news! I will be home in a few weeks. Tell Madame Hickory that I said hi.
Your Loving father,

PS- Are you taking care of Diana?
Tears of joy flowed down Jasmine’s face. And then at the mention of her dear friend Diana, She broke into tears of sadness. She cried for hours until she could cry no more. Then she picked up a pen and began a letter to her father. This is what she wrote…

Dear father,
I did not know that Madame Hickory was your friend! But I am glad that she is. I can’t wait till you come home. I love you. Diana is fine, (I hope).
Jasmine slid the letter that she had written, into a pink envelope, and put it into the mailbox. One whole week passed, and then one Wednesday afternoon, there was a knock at the door. Jasmine was upstairs in her room and Madame Hickory was in the kitchen baking a cake when the knock was heard. “Coming,” said Madame Hickory, and wiping her hands on her apron she opened the door. Jasmine was upstairs when Madame Hickory opened her door and said with her face shining, ”Jasmine, there is someone at the door for you.” Jasmine raced down the stairs and ran right into the arms of her father. “Dad!” Jasmine cried and hugged him close. “Yes it is me, Jasmine,” her father said. “I am back from the war and now we can live together again.” “Yes father but…” Jasmine hesitated. “But what my child? “Diana, she…she is lost and I cannot find her.” “Well my child, sometimes we have to face hard times.” “I know father, and I am glad that you are home. At least I get to have you.”

Come Back next week for chapter #7!

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