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Monday, July 13, 2009

July 12-18 weekly chapter

Here is the last chapter of The Father, The Girl ,and The Lost Cat-

Chapter#7: A happy Family
Soon life in the little hut was back to normal, except for Diana who still could not be found. Every day Jasmine and her father would comb the rain forest looking for Diana, but they never found her. One day Jasmine and her father decided to go on a picnic. So Jasmine packed them five cheese sandwiches, a thermos of milk, a box of crackers, and four cookies. Soon they found the perfect spot and spread their picnic cloth out in the soft grass. Jasmine set their food out on the cloth. Jasmine and her father had a wonderful picnic but soon it was over and they had to start on their way back to the cottage. When they arrived it was dark already so Jasmine and her father were soon sleeping soundly in their beds. In the middle of the night Jasmine woke up to a sound outside of her window. She got up and looked out into the dark night and saw two yellow eyes gleaming brightly. It was Diana! Jasmine rushed into her father’s room crying, “Dad! Dad! Dad! It’s Diana! She is right outside the window!” As quick as lightning Jasmine’s father was out of bed and out the door. He picked up Diana and then stopped. He heard even more meows! He turned on his flashlight and shone it on four little kittens. Then he laughed out loud. “What is it Dad?” Jasmine asked. “Kittens” said her father. “Diana had kittens! “Oh father may I hold them?” asked Jasmine. “Of course,” said her father, and he handed the kittens to Jasmine. Two of the kittens were gray and brown like their mother. But the other two were pure white. Jasmine’s father picked up Diana and Jasmine followed carrying Diana’s kittens into the house. Jasmine fell asleep that night, with a happy heart that her family was back together again.

Come back next week for chapter #1 of Alexis, Cocoa, and The Sweet and Sour World!

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