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Monday, July 20, 2009

July 19-25 Weekly Chapter

Here is Chapter #1 From Alexis, Cocoa, and The Sweet and Sour World!

Chapter #1 Meet Alexis

Hi reader, If you are looking for a person to make friends with, I have just the right person for you. Meet Alexis, a slender girl of eleven. She is clearly a good friend for anyone in need.
Well, you are probably thinking, “Emma, How am I supposed to make friends with someone that I hardly know anything about?”
That’s a good question. So in that case I will just let you meet her. Oh here she comes right now.
“Hi Emma! I was just coming back from a big adventure! Who is your friend?”
“This is the reader of this book, Alexis, and they wish to be friends with you. Is that all right with you?”
“Of course, Emma, they may be friends with me! I need some new friends. But, Emma, I had the strangest adventure of all! May I tell you and the reader of this book about it?”
“Sure, we’d love to hear it!”
“Ok, it all began yesterday...

Come Back next week for chapter #2!

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