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Monday, August 17, 2009

Aug 16-22 weekly chapter

Here is chapter #5 form Alexis, Cocoa, and The Sweet and Sour World-

Chapter#5 The Secret of the Lake

Later in the day, I decided to explore the rest of The Land of Sweet and Sour. So I summoned Cocoa and we started off. After a while I sat down to wipe the sweat from my burning brow. I wished that there were a spring or lake around to cool me off and refresh me. But there was none of the sort in sight. So I reluctantly went on my way. Suddenly I came upon a clearing. There in the center of it was a clear blue lake! There was a sign made out of chocolate that was posted beside it. It read ‘Lake of Spells.’ I did not think much of the name. All I wanted was a cool dip. I waded into the cool lake and tasted it. Yes! Just as I thought…blueberry Kool-Aid! With a cautious look, Cocoa stepped into the water and joined me for the swim. We swam for hours and finally we emerged from the Kool-Aid dripping but happy. It was fortunate I wore pockets that zipped shut because I had kept the key to the secret door in my pocket and it could have fallen out. But it was still there and I unconsciously reached my wet hand down to finger the key. But as I closed my fingers around it, it was no longer there! It had vanished!

Come Back next week for chapter #6!

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