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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August 9-15 Weekly chapter

Here is chapter #4 from Alexis, Cocoa, and The Sweet and Sour World-

Chapter#4 Doodles!

There, all around me were little creatures that resembled little people! To describe them is difficult but I will try my best. They were plump and pleasant- looking and rather short. There were lots of them crowded about me looking at me through small wondering eyes. I sat up quickly and started to back away. But I was reassured when I heard the lead creature say, ‘It is ok we will not hurt you. Now what is your name?’
‘My name is Alexis,’ I replied, and with a relieved sigh I stood to my feet. I looked around and cried out in alarm! For some of the young creatures had run to my dog Cocoa and were trying to climb on top of her! But the lead creature stopped me and said in a calm tone,
‘They will not hurt your dog. But they have never seen a dog before and are very curious.’
I relaxed a little and said, ‘What kind of creature are you?’
‘We are called Doodles and you are more than welcome to stay in our world as long as you like. You will not need to find food, for it is all around you. Everything in our world is made out of candy.’
‘What is the name of your world?’ I asked.
‘It is called the Land of Sweet and Sour,’ he told me and smiled broadly.

Come back next week for chapter #5!

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