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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Aug 2-8 Weekly Chapter

Here is Chapter #3 from Alexis, Cocoa, and The Sweet and Sour world-

Chapter#3 Through the Wall

I jumped with joy! With shaky fingers I fitted the key into the hole and turned. It would not budge! I tried again with all my might until the door gave in, and with a groan it swung slowly open. What a sight met my eyes! I saw a running brook and grass and trees so lovely that they looked unreal! I heard a bark behind me and turned around. It was Cocoa. Her ears swayed in the sweet smelling breeze and her tongue hung out as she panted. I smiled and drew her alongside me as we stepped forward into the beautiful world. I fingered the key, which I had put in my pocket after I shut the secret door. We pushed through the thick underbrush. Once, a branch swung into my face and I accidentally got some of it in my mouth. It melted away in my mouth and I discovered that it was made out of pure sugar! I quickly stooped down and plucked a leaf from a bush. I put it into my mouth and sucked. It was made of the finest mint chocolate that I had ever tasted! That was when my eyes were opened and I saw all around me giant lollypops and licorice trees! There was a path that ran alongside the river and was made out of sugary blue rock candy! I sat down on the mint grass to survey the awesome sight. That is when I saw them, the Doodles.

Come back next week for chapter #4!

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