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Monday, August 31, 2009

August 30-September 5 Weekly chapter

Here is chapter #7 from Alexis, Cocoa, and The Sweet and Sour World-

Chapter#7 Gabriel

Soon I was out of breath and had to stop. I sat down near a clump of trees to gather my thoughts. Cocoa seemed to read my mind and, for once in her life, quieted down. I glanced at the horizon and saw the mountains. Their fluffy marshmallow peaks glowed in the light of the brilliant sunset. I huddled close to Cocoa and fell into a fitful sleep. When I awoke, the sun was rising in the sky and I sat up wearily. Hot needles prickled in my legs and arms. I had been sleeping on rock candy cones! I groaned, rubbed my back cautiously, and winced at the pain. Slowly I stood to my feet and shook Cocoa awake. After a fast breakfast of mint chocolate and Kool-Aid, we headed back to the trail.
Hours later, we reached the mountains. I looked around and saw a sign. It read, ‘Marshmallow Mountains this way’. So I plunged on, pulling leaves off of the trees to munch on as I walked. Suddenly, I came upon a clearing. There was a little cabin in the middle of the clearing. There was a mailbox off to the right. I looked at the name on the mailbox. It said ‘Gabriel the wizard.’ My heart jumped with joy! This was the wizard that the Doodles said would help me find the key! I walked up to the door. My heart was pounding in my throat as I knocked. Slowly the door opened to reveal an old looking man with a white beard that fell to his feet.
‘Well, what do you want?’ he asked.
I rapidly told him the story.
When I finished, he just stared at me thoughtfully and finally said, ‘I can help you but I am warning you that it will be a dangerous journey.’
But I was determined to get back home so I waited outside while he packed. As soon as he came out, we began our journey.

Come back next week for chapter #8!

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