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Monday, September 7, 2009

September 6-12 weekly chapter

Here is chapter #8 from Alexis, Cocoa, and the Sweet and Sour World- (next week is the last chapter!)

Chapter#8 Trouble In the Marshmallow Mountains

Soon we were climbing the fluffy peaks of the Marshmallow Mountains. Everything was going well until it happened. We met the Gumbles. We ran behind a bush and peeked out at them. They were very ugly! Slowly Gabriel emerged from the bush, and turned to face them.
They were quiet for a moment till the leader came and said, ‘What do you want?’
The wizard spoke first. ‘We wish to have the key.’
‘We cannot give you the key,’ said the leader angrily!
‘But we need it!’ said the wizard.
‘Why do you need it?’ inquired the leader of the Gumbles.
‘We must have it because this girl (and he pointed to me) needs to get home by way of the entrance. But she has lost the key by a spell from the Lake of Spells.
‘Well, in that case I will help you find it,’ he replied, and we began the search.

Come back next week for the last chapter of Alexis, Cocoa,and the Sweet and Sour World!

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