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Monday, October 12, 2009

October 11-17 weekly chapter

Here is chapter #4 from The 5D Mystery-

Chapter #4- Boarding the UFO

It is 3:36 in the morning and the two girls are crouched in the corner of Mr. Muller's classroom.

"Whew!" said Karis, "I am sure glad that our parents let us stay here over night!'

"So am I!" Emma exclaimed with relief.

"Well, we still have 24 minutes. So we'd better get some sleep," yawned Karis.

There was no reply from Emma. She had already fallen asleep.

The girls had been sleeping for a few minutes when they were both startled by tiny hands shaking them and a high voice saying urgently, "Get up! Get up! They're here!" It was Bobo.

Karis opened her eyes slowly. "Huh?" She grunted.

"The UFO has landed!" He shouted.

By that time both of the girls were on their feet and staring in awe at the sight before them. Right in the centre of the classroom stood a huge UFO!

"Well, what are we waiting for?" demanded Bobo impatiently.

"Let's go get our teacher back!" said Emma, full of determination.

"But how do we get in?" Karis asked.

Bobo volunteered the answer. "Look! There's an entrance over there on the left side!"

"Let's go!" Emma said.

So the two girls and the alien crept cautiously towards the entrance. Soon they reached it and and crawled softly through it and into the UFO.

Suddenly, "Aaah!" screamed Karis as a red hand was clamped over her mouth! It was one of the bad aliens! Suddenly another appeared and grabbed Emma! Right after him, a third one appeared and made a grab for Bobo but Bobo was just too quick for him. He ducked into a passageway and was out of sight.

Come back next week for chapter #5!

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