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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October 4-10 Weekly Chapter

here is chapter #3 from The 5D Mystery-

Chapter #3- The Beginning of the Mystery

"Now we have to find a way to rescue him." said Emma thoughtfully.
"Hey!" exclaimed Karis suddenly. "Emma, remember the paper that you founed in the rubble?"
"Well it had instructions on it, and the first thing it said was that the landing time of the UFO was at 4:00 am!"
"Yeah!" exclaimed Emma in enthusiasm. "Good going Karis!"
"But," Karis now said in a worried tone, "4:00 am is when we would be sleeping."
"Your right," said Emma, "we'd have to stay here all night. But how would we convince our parents to let us?"
"I guess we'd have to tell them what happened and and tell them that it is an emergency." Karis said.
"Your right," said Emma, "We'll do it. After all it is an emergency. The school is in danger!"

Come Back next week for chapter #4!

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