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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 18-24 weekly chapter

Here is chapter #5 from The 5D Mystery-

Chapter #5- Trapped!

The two aliens dragged the screaming girls towards a chamber way back in the back of the UFO. They shoved the two girls inside and with a "Bye bye little girls!" and a snicker or two, they locked the door. It was pitch black in the musty smelling chamber but soon their eyes adjusted to the darkness and they began two look around. Suddenly they both froze in terror. Cold sweat trickled down both of their backs. For this is what they saw. In the very back of the chamber they saw a pile of straw and lying on the pile of straw lay a human body! They could not tell if it was alive or not, but neither of them dared approach it to find out.
Finally Emma spoke up in a shaky voice, "Is it dead or alive Karis?"
"I don't know," Karis replied in the same tone.
"It could be Mr. Muller, and there is only one way to find out if it is or not." Emma said.
She slipped her hand into Karis's and stepped forward. Slowly the girls approached the body. It stirred! Karis started to scream but Emma clamped her hand over her mouth. Karis gulped and took another shaky step and so did Emma. This brought them right up next to the body.
Emma whispered, "Karis, do you have a flashlight?"
"I think so," Karis whispered back and reached into her pocket.
She pulled out a small flashlight and handed it to Emma. With shaky fingers she turned it on and shone it down onto the face of the victim. Both girls gasped! The face belonged to Mr. Muller!
"Mr. Muller! Mr. Muller! Are you all right?" Karis yelled as she shook him.
Slowly his eyes opened and looked at them. Then a grin spread across his face and he managed, "Karis! Emma! I'm so glad to see you! But what are you doing here?"
"We were captured by the aliens just like you were," Karis explained.
Slowly he rose to a sitting position and began to talk to them when, all of a sudden, the door to the chamber swung open and Bobo appeared in the entrance!

Come back next week for chapter #6!

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