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Monday, October 26, 2009

October 25-31 Weekly chapter

Here is chapter #6 from The 5D Mystery-

Chapter #6- Escape! and take off

“Who is that creature !" Mr. Muller exclaimed and pointed to Bobo.
"It's OK Mr. Muller, he is a good alien and his name is Bobo," Emma explained.
Bobo hurried into the room and said in a whispered voice, "We must go now! The UFO is about to take off into space!"
"But Bobo! How did you get the key to the chamber?" Karis asked.
"I crept into the bedroom of one the aliens. He was sleeping and I slipped the key from his pocket and came here."
"Wow, that was very brave of you Bobo!" Emma exclaimed.
Bobo blushed modestly and then said, "Hurry! We must leave now! As I said, the UFO is about to take off into outer space!"
All four of them scrambled for the entrance of the UFO, but it was too late. With a whirr and a whoosh, the UFO rose off of the ground. The two girls, the teacher, and the alien stood in horrified silence. They were all trapped in the UFO with the enemy aliens!

Come back next week for chapter #7!

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