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Monday, November 9, 2009

November 1-7 weekly chapter

Here is chapter #7 from The 5D Mystery-

Chapter #7- The Hypnotism set
The four stared at each other glumly. A few minutes went by until they realized that it was the middle of the night.
"Hey!" said Emma triumphantly, "Look through that skylight above us. It's dark and you can see stars! That means it is night time!"
"Your right!" said Karis. "That means that the enemy aliens are all asleep!"
"We can explore the UFO!" Mr. Muller said with enthusiasm.
So they started on their way and began to search boxes, bags, and every corner for a way to escape back to their beloved earth.
Suddenly Emma gave out a cry! "Look! Look what I've found!
The others all came on the run.
"I think I've found a hypnotism set!
"What would we use that for?" Karis asked puzzled.
"Don't you see? We could hypnotize the enemy aliens to walk out of the entrance to the UFO and fall into outer space!"
"Yeah! That might work! Lets try it." said Karis, full of determination.
"OK, I will read the instructions on the side of the box and see how to use it."
After five minutes of studying the writing on the side of the box. She grinned and said, "All you do is open this little box of powder." She did so as she spoke. "Then you rub it all over your hands." She opened the bag, gave a handful of powder to each person and then rubbed it on her own hands…

Come back next week for the last chapter of The 5D mystery!

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