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Monday, November 9, 2009

November 8-14 Wekkly chapter

Here is the last chapter from The 5D Mystery!-

Chapter #8- Return!
Three humans plus an alien leaned over the edge of the exit and watched six screaming aliens disappear from view as they plummeted down into the depths of outer space.
With a satisfied grunt Bobo closed the door and said. "Well, I suppose that we are rid of them."
"Yeah, but how do we get back to earth?" Emma asked, suddenly becoming worried.
"Don't you remember?" Bobo said emphatically. "This is my home! The aliens took over my UFO!"

"Of course! I should have remembered that!" Emma said and hit herself across the forehead with the heel of her hand.

"Follow me," Bobo said.

They did and soon all four of them stood in a capsule at the top of the UFO. Bobo stationed himself at the wheel. "To earth!" he shouted, and turned the wheel to the left.

The two girls looked at each-other and grinned. They were going home. But more importantly, they had saved Bob Jones Elementary School!

That concludes all of the books that I have written so far! There might be more on the way though, so stay tuned!

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