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Friday, January 1, 2010

Color Clay Cafe!

Yesterday I went to Color Clay Cafe with my cousin, using the gift certificates that we both got for Christmas! We both wore our matching shirts that we got for Christmas, and we both wore black pants! We stayed there for about an hour. I made 2 things and Samantha made 1. I painted a pottery name plate for my wall, with my initials E.K.P on a pink background with green flowers! I also painted a pink coffee mug with a brown handle, brown rim, and brown swirls along the outside of the mug. Samantha painted a puppy! She painted it brown, with blue eyes and a pink nose. It is very cute! After we painted our pottery, we went to Starbucks for Hot Chocolate! But we have to wait 10 days before we can take our pottery home, because our pottery has to be fired in a kiln so it glossy and less breakable. Above ↑ there are some pictures of the things that Samantha and I made. By the way, I recommend Color Clay Cafe, as a great place to hang out and have fun painting pottery!


L said...

that picture is cute. you pottery looks really good!

Emma Pait said...

It was fun!