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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Poor mouse :-(

Today I played with Millie and Stephie (two of the 11 cousins on my dad's side.) They came the day before yesterday and stayed the night, then they stayed last night and left after lunch today. I was sad to see them go. We had SUCH A COOL TIME TOGETHER! Right now you are probably wondering what the title of this post, "Poor mouse :-(" has to do with what I have written so far. Well, about an hour after they left, we found a tiny little field mouse that Buster (in case you are new to this blog and don't know who Buster is, he is my Mema's Jack Russell Terrier) was "playing" with. We quickly took it away from Buster and tried to keep it alive but...........*sob*............it was to late. This might not sound like a big deal to you, but you know how much I love animals. *sigh* Well, for the sake of ending on a happier note, I got my ears pierced last Sat.! It was an early Christmas present. Well, (I know I say "well" a lot) GTG, Ciao, TTFN, BRB, Adios, Bye, however you want to call it.

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